Warranty Information


Oliv. Mounts warrants to the Purchaser that goods of its manufacture (the “Product”) are free from defects in material and workmanship and will remain free from such defects during ordinary use and service for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

If the Product should be defective in any part or component when installed, or if the Product should develop defects within the Term, Company will in the methods it determines to be necessary and appropriate replace or repair, any such defective part or component, or otherwise remedy the defect at its own cost and expense. This limited Warranty shall not include costs associated with removal or installation of the defective Product or any other miscellaneous costs associated therewith and shall include only replacement or repair costs at the discretion of Company.

Warranty Support and Claim: Before submitting a claim attributable to any alleged defect of a Product (a “Warranty Claim”), Purchaser should contact the Company’s support at support@olivmounts.com. If a Warranty Claim is not resolved by Company’s support section, Purchaser is required to submit the Warranty Claim by email to support@olivmounts.com within thirty (30) days of Purchaser’s discovery of such defect; however, at Company’s sole discretion, the thirty (30) day claim period may be extended based on where the Product was purchased. Warranty service is available to you by delivering the Product during the warranty period to the company it was purchased from or to Oliv. Mounts and providing proof of purchase, price and date. If shipped to Oliv. Mounts, the buyer must first call Oliv. Mounts Customer Service at +852 5804 4653 or e-mail Oliv. Mounts at support@olivmounts.com to obtain a return approval and return number. You will bear all shipping, packaging and insurance costs and all other costs, excluding labor and parts, necessary to effectuate repair, replacement or refund under this warranty. For more information on how to obtain warranty service, e-mail or telephone Oliv. Mounts at Oliv. Warranty. Tel: +852 5804 4653, e-mail: support@olivmounts.com. All replaced products shall become the property of Thru2Market Solutions HK Ltd.

Disclaimer: There IS NO EXPRESS WARRANTY OTHER THAN THE FOREGOING LIMITED WARRANTY. THERE ARE NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, for a purpose, and non-infringement. This disclaimer shall also apply to all such implied warranties with respect to third party components. The Express Warranty herein is in lieu of any other warranties, express or implied, and all such warranties are hereby disclaimed by Company.