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Smart Magnet Technology

What makes a magnet smart? Smart magnets deliver a secure hold using near-force technology, allowing your device to feel more controlled as it approaches and aligns with Oliv mounts. To undock your phone, only light force with a flick of the wrist is required. Smart magnets are compatible with case protected phones by placing the Oliv Shim on the case exterior. Most importantly, they will not harm your device, credit cards, hotel room keys or other sensitive electronics.

Smart magnets offer several benefits when compared to a standard or conventional magnets. They will not affect the internal components of your device. Conventional magnets have a larger field of magnetic pull which causes them to slam together from a distance. When connecting – conventional magnets don’t always align properly and they tend to easily pick up stray objects.

Will a Smart Magnet hurt my phone?

No. Smart magnets are safe to use with smartphones, credit cards, GPS and will not adversely affect cell phone reception. Newer Apple iPhone and Android devices are compatible with Oliv. smart magnets because they use NAND flash memory - a solid state flash drive that is immune to magnetic fields. Older iPods and other devices with conventional hard drives should not be used with Oliv.

Oliv. Smart Magnet Technology

  • Uses a network of north and south poles on its face offering a more efficient magnetic circuit
  • Allows for a stronger magnet in a smaller size
  • Has more force but a limited magnetic field, so it doesn't interfere with credit cards/keycards, compasses or electronic devices
  • Improved shear force and resistance
  • self-aligns in a more secure and controlled manner

Conventional Magnets

  • Only uses one pole on it's face resulting in long magnetic field lines wrapping around both poles causing a significant waste of magnetic energy
  • Tend to slam together from a distance
  • Picks up stray objects
  • Can damage credit cards/keycards and interfere with compasses and electronic devices
  • Doesn't provide much shear force nor aligns very well. 

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