Q: Will the magnet hurt my phone?

A: No. Smart magnets are safe to use with smartphones, credit cards, GPS and will not adversely affect cell phone reception. They will not affect the internal components of your device.


Q: What devices can be used with Oliv?

A: All cell phones, GPS devices, small 7” tablets, iPods and MP3 players. Basically, any small portable device that you use daily can be used with Oliv if it has a flat surface to allow the Oliv Shim to attach.


Q: What is a smart magnet?

A: Smart magnets offer several benefits when compared to a standard or conventional magnet.  They will not affect the internal components of your device, including the compass or internal GPS. Smart magnets also provide a stronger shear force over conventional magnets and allow for very precise alignment giving a controlled feel as the magnets come together.


Q: What is near-force technology?

A: Near-force technology allows your device to feel more controlled as it approaches and aligns with Oliv mounts. To undock your phone, only a slight flick of the wrist is required to remove the device.


Q: Is Oliv compatible with phone cases?

A: Yes. Smart magnets are compatible with case protected phones by placing the magnet on the case exterior.